Soledad Antelada


Soledad Antelada is a Computer Systems Engineering graduate who worked as a programmer in Andalucía before moving to the United States in 2010.

She earned a master’s degree in cybersecurity and became the first Latina to work at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Currently, she works as a Security Technical Program Manager at Google in San Francisco.

Elizabeth M. Jefremovas

Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Elizabeth investigates the underlying physics of nanomagnetic materials, where amazing phenomena can happen, changing the magnetic properties of materials. Her research focused on iron oxide nanoparticles, for biomedical applications, and thin film materials, where topologically-stabilized spin textures with potential technological applications can be promoted.

Pete Horsley

remarkable (a Disability Tech accelerator)

Pete Horsley is the founder of Remarkable, a tech accelerator for early stage startups in the disability tech space launched in 2016. Starting his career as a landscape architect, Pete now has more than 10 years’ experience working in the not-for-profit sector.

The origins of Remarkable go back to a global competition that sparked the development of a solar powered wheelchair and an Australian first hackathon event called “Enabled by Design-athon”. 

María Francés

fashion designer

She started studying Political Science and Sociology in Granada and worked for 12 years in the Granada City Council.

In 2013 she started in fashion with small cutting and sewing workshops and in 2016 she made a qualitative leap with specific training in fashion, textiles, color theory, pattern making and styling. As of 2020, she began her journey with her own fashion brand, MFB, with which she has dressed celebrities such as Alaska and María Escoté, among others.

María Álvarez


María has been leading the advertising agency The&Partnership since 2019 with clients such Toyota Lexus & EA among others. With over 20 years in the industry, her experience focuses on the world of media, leading Client Services.

María has worked for clients in various sectors, with notable ones including L’Oreal, Colgate, Endesa, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and Unidad Editorial.

She has served as a judge in some of the major festivals and has won relevant national awards in the industry.

Investors & Startups Panel:

Andreas Mihalovits
serial entrepreneur & Business angel

Andreas is a German serial entrepreneur and business angel investor based in Marbella. He has invested in more than 150 international startups.

Andreas is also co-founder of the Global Super Angels Club and has received several awards incl. the Best European Early Stage Investor 2018 award from the European Business Angel Network (EBAN) and the Best Business Angel 2020 award at the Spanish National Business Angel Conference.

Alicia Zurita
founder and ceo of lubets

Lubets is a company that creates and distributes ecological lubricant. Alicia was born in Madrid but has been living in Málaga for a long time now, she built here Lubets in 2018 and now has over 2,500 points of sale in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Estonia, some countries in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. By the end of 2023, they are looking to achieve revenues of 3M€. 

Alicia founded her first company when she was 20 years old and hasn’t stopped working on building products since. 

Emily González
co-founder & ceo of froged

Froged is a Customer Success & Support Platform for SaaS, Platforms and subscription businesses. Emily is from Málaga and started building Froged in 2019. The company expects to end the year with recurring revenues of 1.2M€ and a strong presence in the US.

Emily is a problem-solver and digital strategist with an extensive background in business development in different sectors. She has lived in Brazil, Malaysia, France and Spain, leading her towards a global mindset and the ability to naturally manage multinational and multidisciplinary teams.